We have some great ways for you to interact with Young Lions before the event. Check out our FaceBook page YoungLionsUK facebook and make sure you get involved in the conversation there, don’t forget to “like” us! There’s also our Twitter feed YoungLions2017 twitter for all the up to date information as it happens, as well as some inspiring “tweeting” from the Young Lions team! A life changing message in 140 characters – now that’s cool!

Just below we have some materials to help you promote Young Lions 2016 in your church, youth group and at youth events. Wherever there’s young leaders, youth pastors or church leaders spread the word and let’s get this years bootcamp fully booked as soon as possible. Why don’t you download the flyer and print off as many as you like to give out to people in your youth group or you can download the “presentation slide” to use on screen at your events.

Speak about Young Lions to your youth group/church

Download the Flyer for Central and London & East (pdf)
Download the Presentation Slide (jpeg)

We want to hear from you!

Using the form below why don’t you get in touch with us and tell us your “Young Lions Story”. We know that over the years there have been 100’s of young leaders that have come through the Young Lions programme and that you have stories that will make our hearts race (and probably our stomachs turn!) Try to sum up your experience of Young Lions in a few sentences or tell us your highlight. Whatever was great about Young Lions – we want to hear about it.

  • Have you been through the whole Young Lions programme and gone on to be a coach? Or even gone on to do something else great for God in your town or city?
  • Have you coached at and have a story of how God has challenged you to grow by being in the incredible atmosphere at Young Lions?
  • Perhaps you’ve never been to Young Lions but you’re excited to be there this year. Tell us about what you’re hoping for, what are you expecting to get out of it? Tell us the rumours that you’ve heard about the bootcamp and what you’re looking forward to, or even dreading!

We’re going to take all these stories and put them on to a Young Lions blog so help us by taking a few minutes to fill in the form on the front page.