One of the signature things about Young Lions is that an experienced youth leader with a proven track record of success works with delegates to develop holistically throughout the course of the weekend. As well as small group sessions there is space for one-to-ones throughout the weekend and these times have proved invaluable.

We need as many coaches as possible to help us keep the size of small groups down to 5 or 6 delegates per group. One of the key things about our coaches is that they carry the culture of Young Lions; being creative, confident, passionate and positive with a life that prioritizes the presence of God. In recent years we have many assistant coaches who have been through the 3 years of Young Lions and come back to be involved in coaching. This adds something special to the weekend and makes for an incredible atmosphere of enthusiasm and momentum. Coaches responsibilities include…

Coaching sessions:
Each coach will have a small group of 5 or 6 delegates to oversee for the duration of the weekend. This will involve small group devotions, daily feedback and evaluation sessions and some one-to-one mentoring too. All these sessions are about coaches imparting who they are and what they carry as well as sharing knowledge and lessons learned.

At the end of the weekend, after the delegates have left, all coaches will complete an individual assessment form for each of the delegate in their small groups. Each year group has a different focus and so the evaluation process is different depending on which year group is being reported. There is a wide range of criteria to be scrutinised and the reports are very comprehensive so coaches are ALWAYS WATCHING AND ALWAYS MAKING NOTES throughout the entire weekend!

Young Lions sees some of the best leaders in the UK coming together to work on training the next generation. It’s always an incredible opportunity to meet like-minded leaders and connect with people from other parts of the country to share ideas and resources. On the Saturday evening we have a late night coaches curry where we spend time together and the family atmosphere always creates a sense of shared momentum and laugh-out-loud fun!

If you want to download an application form for coaching and view a detailed outline of the expectations of coaches, please see the location page you want to attend!