The final instalment in this unique leadership training programme will only see the brave and the bold coming back to cross the finish line.  The days of feeling the positive peer pressure and the unfamiliar environment are through and we are left with pure determination to grow. An honest look at what it takes to “stay the course” when it comes to leadership will involve spending time with our chosen “leadership legend”. This years legend will be confirmed soon. Many previous 3rd years not only graduated the 3 years of Young Lions but went on to become influential leaders in church and society around the world. As well as Q&A and “lessons from the legend” there will be other sessions including:

Coaching sessions:
Delegates will spend the weekend having input from a coach who will be different to your previous two years,in regular small group sessions. Coaches will be able to discuss the delegate’s development over the course of the last 2 years and tailor make sessions to highlight particular areas of strength or weakness. Coaching sessions will again be reflective and about giving feedback on particular sessions but will also be times of bespoke and strategic coaching.

Year group sessions:
Each year has a theme that is their particular focus and sessions to the whole year group will be specifically aimed towards that. The third year theme for 2015 is currently being reviewed and more information will be listed soon. Needless to say – their report* will reflect this.

Full sessions:
As delegates will know we really believe in the power of the presence of God. This means we always take the chance to get all delegates, coaches and staff in one room together to worship God. We create space for him to speak through the ministry of his word and times of response. Just to highlight one particular session we teach about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and follow that with a practical session in small groups; delegates are encouraged to pray and prophecy over each other. This will also form part of their assessment.

Coaches will again observe and record his/her assessment of each delegate’s leadership ability over the course of the weekend. A comprehensive report will be sent to the recommending youth pastor/leader to then use as they wish. We consider this report to be a snapshot of their current leadership level and not a complete picture or something that is trying to define them for the rest of their lives. Good leaders will use this report as a discipleship tool with the delegate throughout the rest of the year and also compare with the previous year 1 and 2 reports.

If you want to an application form for Year 3 please see the location page you want to attend!